Mobile Service

The easiest way to schedule an appointment is to use our website page called "Contact Us." We schedule mobile service during the week, by location. We sharpen your items on-site, in one of our vans, and return them to you in 30 minutes or less!

Drop-off locations

We have several locations in the Houston area where you can drop off your items to be sharpened. We stop at each location weekly and sharpen all of their customers' items (on-site) and the sharp items can be picked up as early as the next business day!

Farmers' Markets

Premier Sharpening - Houston's #1 Mobile Sharpening Service Since 2008 - is at Urban Harvest Farmers' Market and Memorial Villages Farmers' Market every Saturday morning (rain or shine)! More information can be found on our Locations page.


Knives - $1.00 per inch of the blade

Pocket Knives - $5.00 each

Scissors (surgical, house or tailor) - $10.00 per pair

Surgical Instruments - $10.00 per tool

Paper Cutters - $1.00 per inch of the blade

Pizza Cutters - $10.00 each

Shovels - $10.00 each

Loppers - $10.00 each

Pruners - $5.00

Next Steps...

Schedule your personal sharpening appointment today! Or, Call us for more information - 832-900-1525