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How long have you been sharpening?

Premier Sharpening has been serving the greater Houston area for 12 years! That's 12 years with great prices and sharp knives!

Where are you located?

We are currently a mobile service, meaning we come to you! But we also partner with some great places to bring you on-site sharpening! See Locations for more Info!

Why those prices?

Let's compare. Most knife companies will charge you around $12 a knife (No matter the size) and require you to ship them. Who wants the hassle of shipping their knives off and waiting a week to get them back? We not only have drop-off locations, we have on-site sharpening and mobile appointments! 

Why do I need my knives sharpened?

When using a dull knife it requires you to use more pressure to cut which increases the chance of injury. A sharp knife uses geometry while a dull knife is using force.

How do you sharpen my knives?

We use a variety of different belts and stones that cater to each blades specific metal. From rusty garden tools to delicate kitchen knives, we've got you covered. 

More Questions?

Give us a call or send us a message! 832-509-9772 //